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C O N C E P T    A N D    D E S I G N

I N F I N I T E    P E N D U L U M

a short pendulum swings quickly - a long pendulum swings slowly - an infinite long pendulum swings infinite slowly -  it does not move

P A R A L L E L I T Y   A N D   C I R C U L A T I O N

The two parallels into the direction of the infinite distant point and the circle embedded in the clockwork case do symbolize the indefinitely long resting pendulum. 

S Y M B O L 

This symbol can also be found in the movement of the second hand; Symbol for the parallels meeting in the infinite, where everything flows together and meets each other to eliminate all finite differences.

(clockface - enlighted one minute to see the way of the second hand)

N E T W O R K    M U L T I M E D I U M

L I V I N G   T I M E

Time is displayed on the screen (computeranimated clockface - visual time) and can be acoustically experienced via loudspeaker (i.e. churchbell strikes, compositions and natural sounds - acoustical time). Random processes are generated, visual- and sound-messages can be experienced 
via telecommunication transmissions - living time.

nobody knows, what's going on in the next moment.

1989: discovered
various exhibitions in Austria and abroad
1989: Austria Center Vienna
         Messegelände Graz
1990: Messegelände Hannover
1991: Haas Haus Vienna
         World Trade Center Vienna - Schwechat
since 1992:  Historical Museum of the City of Vienna,
permanently placed in the Clock Museum of Vienna
1993: patented  PatentNr.: AT 396040 B


parallelity and circulation
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