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Permanent Media Art installation in the main hall of Vienna South station

Two computer controlled eyes (screens), Female and Male, are placed right and left of two parallel running belts for people, leading to and from the platforms. Facing each other, they communicate by opening and closing their lids.

It's the TIME, they pass across the moving belts. With the wink of an eye the time is being passed from one pupil to the other, unless it is not immediately thrown back. Peolpe are commuting using the moving belts right through the eyes' field of vision, just there where moments in time are being experienced and can be heard like the ticking of a clock.

Embedded in two semi-spherical bowls made of high-grade steel, the eyes resemble extra-
terrestrials. Their interconnected computersystems receive the radio transmitted standard time by means of a unique number, indicating date and time never occuring again. Using this time-
parameters they generate random figures that trigger the winking of the eyes and give the communication of time its own living character.

Nobody knows what is going on in the very next moment.

Vienna 1994 (c) Hofstetter Kurt

supported by BankAustria, BM:wfk, excon, for art, Reinhard Haslwanter, Helmuth Locher, O.Ö. Kultur, ÖBB, Österreichische Verkehrskreditbank, Milos and Snezana Uvieric-Kostic, Wien-Kultur,...

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