Barbara Doser

frame 04199401.0-4  project alpha  solo exhibition - media installation

sound and infrared-sound-installation by Hofstetter Kurt and Norbert Math

museum of applied arts | contemporary art
vienna, 14.12.1995 - 07.01.1996
video projection
4 video beams pointed from the ceiling to the floor beaming black and white video feedback material
one beam shows the basic video
that means video feedbacks, very fast moving concentric, dynamic shapes of light. the second  beam shows a video made by filming the basic video in a special step of zoom.
the third beam shows a video made by filming the first "zoom video" in a special step of zoom. the fourth beam shows a video made by filming
the second "zoom video" in a special step of zoom
so each of the three "zoom videos"
shows the basic video, but in a larger scale step by step. the four endless video player are started asynchrony.
so it´s possible to change one's way of seeing. millions of very fast moving shapes of light oose their context (to the basic video) telling their own story
 Hofstetter Kurt and Norbert Math installed for each of the four video projections an audio projection (infrared-sound-installation)
they transformed the video signals of each video into audio signals,
which were manipulated and performed
walking through the gallery the visitors could hear a special sound according to each video projection via infrared headphones
"frame 041994.01.0-4  project alpha"
part of the project:

medien, apparate, kunst
Beispiele apparativer Kunst in Österreich
by Birgit Flos
Curator/MAK: Verena Formanek


Vienna 1995/96---all rights reserved---Barbara Doser