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Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt - Parallel Media, 10.05.2015
The first International Symposium devoted to abstract art in motion was held from May 7th through 10th at La Casa Encendida in Madrid (Spain), with the participation of over 15 international guests presented by Punto y Raya Festival, consolidated as the world reference in Abstract Film, Animation and Visual Music, No representation, only Dots & Lines! (Punto y Raya).

"The creative duo Parallel Media, composed by Doser & Hofstetter, constantly explores the relationship between sound and image patterns, using video feedback and "Möbius Sounds". They have produced a series of abstract videos which, as optical and acoustic stimulations, are aimed directly at the viewer's retina and auditory canal, and therefore straight at his or her brain.

Their latest works comply with one of Einstein's thoughts, stating that “Nothing can exist without Order, and nothing can be created without Chaos”. This is how many of their works are a mesmerising display of order emerging from chaos and vice versa, where the patterns are determined by amplitude and frequency, simultaneously changing their form, movement, and relation to each other but maintaining the structure of their order.(...)"
Nöel Palazzo                                                      

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