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exhibition s e e  y o u   s e e  m e 

paintings | video installation 

T19 - gallery for contemporary art, vienna, 03.2000 


T19 - gallery of contemporary art, vienna
space 1 sequentially painted stills of video feedbacks staged in space, on a monitor the video feedbacks are mediated in black and white space 1
space 2 "a kaleidoscopic world of abstract forms all originated from a circular shape painted in bright colors" space 2
space 3 I n t e g r a t i o n 
Installation with 2 monitores and 60 images
first monitor 
abstracted processes of integration are mediated. 
the pattern is always the same, only the speed and the sound is changing.
monitor 1
second monitor (opposite side) 
recorded visitors of the opening can be watched, but not their continuous processes of integration in parallels.
monitor 2
60 images (acrylics on pressboard) 
selected video stills of the continous processes of integration, 
marks of processes - marks of individuals. the same pattern, only the captured moments are different.
integration images
all rights reserved by barbara doser, vienna 2001