PARALLEL MEDIA - Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt


video installation and laminated prints
group show
Kro Art Contemporary                                                
Miracles - Wunderkammer

11. 03. - 30. 04. 2011, Vienna, AT


Videoinstallation dream'sdreams (2011)
videoloop-projection (12 min, b&w, pal stereo), loudspeakers, semitransparent drapery, dimension variable                     > next

participating artists:
Jana Farmanova (SK), Maria Olivares Luz Capelle (RA/AT), Robert Mittringer (AT), Leo Ferdinando Demetz (IT) , Anne Zwiener (AT)
curated by Kro Art Contemporary
 Ina Loitzl
(AT), Teresa Präauer (AT), Renate Egger (AT), Barbara Doser und Hofstetter Kurt (AT)
curated by Tricky Women

all rights reserved by barbara doser, vienna, austria, 2011