by Hofstetter Kurt
  at the "landstrasse - wien mitte" sub- and railwaystation in
vienna; open since 4.3.1993 as the 1. Austrian permanent
installation of computer art in public space
NEW REINSTALLATION: [ click on the video ]  
In 2013, in the course of the entire reconstruction of "landstrasse - wien mitte" station, the time-sculptures of PLANET OF THE COMMUTERS WITH THE THREE TIME-MOONS had to be formally updated for safety reasons, and were then artistically redesigned for the railway platforms.
planet of the commuters with the three time-moons   In the gateway connecting the U- and S-platforms in
Austrias busiest railwaystation commuters are monitored
and simultaneously displayed as part of the clockfaces.
Using a fish eye-converter this gateway looks like a 
planet in a computer-generated universe, where people
are swinging in parallels to each other.

Three computer-controlled time-moons are moving
around this planet showing the local time. The 
commuters depict time itself and their steps can be
heard as the ticking of time.

  The installation shows the time, as it becomes
discernible through the parallelity and circulation of
human behavior, so that public space and people
moving inside are permanently involved in a clockwork

Circulation and parallelism can formally be found in the
pendulum of the clockworks consisting of a circle and
two parallel lines directing in towards the infinte distant
point, where they begin and end.

  the installation on the U3 subway platform 
  the installation on the U4 subway platform 
  the installation on the S1/2 railway platform 
  the installation on the S3/4 railway platform 
  installation detail on the S3/4 railway platform