sunpendulum home
by Hofstetter Kurt, 1997
i n p l u s i o n
e x p l o s i o n
p a v i l i o n #2
As time goes by that means with the rotation of earth sunlight wanders its way to earth.
A continuous circulation of light and shade day and night in parallels

In 12 time zones around the earth videocameras are directed towards the sky and connected online to the InterNet. 12 videocameras time-eyes around the earth watch the sky. - INPLUSION

At a certain place on earth 12 screens are setup in a circle within a pavilion.
Those screens are connected online via the InterNet with the 12 time-eyes and transmit the sunlight from the 12 time zones. - EXPLOSION

A sunclock is being created.

With the rotation of earth, that means over time, the sunlight is moving within the circle of the screens. In the inner circle day and night can be experienced in parallels at the same time.