sunpendulum home
T H E   I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   B E R M U D A    I N   P A R A L L E L S 
the BUEI in
Hamilton, Bermuda
clear turquoise water around Bermuda
opened in 1997

a charity and non-profit organization

the purpose is to educate and entertain the visitors about the mysteries of the ocean
soft coral-pink sand, flecked with bits of broken shells and corals
barrier reef forms
the world´s most northern coral reef
walking on an abstract ocean
it is home to beautiful reef fish
the BUEI auditorium features exciting films
one of my favourits
up to the roof
first impressions
the clouds build up very fast
what a powerful sun

 it´s very bright and hot on the roof

a spectacular movement in the sky all the time
Hofstetter Kurt
is looking for the
perfect position for
the time-eye of
many small islands
the time-eye's
position on the roof
- according to the
Golden Mean 
with the compas
looking for the
exact direction
to the east 
the roofs are special designed and 
white painted
direction to the east
towards the sky
to collect the precious rainwater
the exact position
has been found
there are no springs or rivers on Bermuda
running the video- and power-cables
from the camera to the time-eye's computer-system
soldering the cables
the time-eye of Bermuda is installed
there are many churches on the small island 
connected to the
in the secret
EDV-room of the
BUEI downstairs
many churchyards tell the story of bermuda since the discovery in 1503
one of the first
pictures coming
from the
time-eye of Bermuda
the moving picture from the sky over Bermuda
is transmitted online via InterNet
the smart
and proper
knee socks
very british
the BUEI
has organized
a press-conference

J. M. Collier
Chairman of the
BUEI - board 

the presentation of
the sunpendulum-
project and the complementary
light pendulum

Hofstetter Kurt

during sunset a very powerful concert is starting

thousends of very small frogs do their best

a scientific talk
about the

Christoph Traxler

afterwards on the
BUEI's roof


2 TV stations
because car rentals are not allowed, tourists might decide to get around by moped or scooter
the Bermudian speed limit with 20 mph sounds really cosy; but it is too slow for most of the local car- and moped-drivers
although the roads are often rough-surface, narrow and winding;
so it´s really an adventure to ride a scooter on the left-hand side
therefore it´s useful to be marked as tourists with the special helmets, which help more against a sun stroke than something else
 "Mr. Kurt" and the
time-eye of Bermuda
on the front-page of
"The Royal Gazette"
Austrian Consulate
of Bermuda
Leopold Kuechler,
Honorary Consul,
is very interested
in the sunpendulum

many thanks for the great hospitality

true colours
on Bermuda:

Christoph Traxler

Hofstetter Kurt
Barbara Doser
many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the BUEI the impressions will ever last