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1 9 9 9:  T H E   F I R S T   I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   M A U I   I N   P A R A L L E L S 
the MHPCC in
Kihei / Maui / Hawaii

the yellow sun
before sunset



under the yellow sun we met 
human beings
of all "colours"
on a small peaceful island
 preparing for the time-eye installation together with the MHPCC-staff


up to the roof

everybody is going by car

there is
no public traffic
Hofstetter Kurt
is looking for the 
exact direction to the east 

it´s a far distance
to the U.S. mainland

direction to the east
towards the vulcano
Mount Haleakala

there are about 17 golf courses on the small Maui island 
pacing off the roof

Frank Loyd Wright has designed a famous golf-club
the exact position
has been found 
on the roof nearby the entrance of the MHPCC - building




running the video- and power-cables
from the camera to the time-eye computer-system

the Pacific Ocean


we have watched some of the 3500 humpback whales,
which migrate to Maui to mate and bear their calves
the hole through the roof for the cables

a colourful garden


rain forest
soldering the cables


the fine adjusting


the Hana-Road
on the south slope of the vulcano
Mount Haleakala

one of the ten most powerful computers on earth

 the sunpendulum-
time-eye computer-system
is installed in the secret area of the MHPCC-building connected to the time-eye on the roof 

  transmitting online via InterNet a moving picture from the sky to the sunpendulum pavilion


cable cores around the island
the iris of the time-eye

one of the first pictures coming from the time-eye
the sunlight in the
the sky over the Mount Haleakala

palms in all variations





sunrise on the 
dormant vulcano Mount Haleakala,
so called 
"House of the Sun"
Hofstetter Kurt
is very happy
to have the first time-eye installed

on the top of the mountain in former times the half-god Maui caught the sun and made her promise to go more slowly over the island
in particular
because of
catching the sky
over the
Mount Haleakala
so called
"House of the Sun"



the team on Maui
Stephan Mantler
Hofstetter Kurt
Barbara Doser
Reinhard Haslwanter

many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the MHPCC
the impressions will ever last