sunpendulum home
T H E   I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   C A I R O    I N   P A R A L L E L S 
the ASUNET center
in the campus of the
Ain Shams University

on the roof the
time eye of Cairo 

Ain Shams, the arabic translation for Heliopolis or "Own", which was the oldest university in history,
"the eye of the sun"
the emblem of the
Ain Shams University
an obelisk and
two hawks, a link
between the name and
the history of the
the obelisk stands for the house of life at the city of "Own", and the two hawks are symbols of Horus, the Egyptian God at that time
the sun disappearing in the raised sand of the desert and the smog of cairo
the special
hospitality -
a smile
and a mocha, tea ...
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Badr,
head of ASUNET,
Hofstetter Kurt,
Dr. Karam Hassan,
Prof. Dr. Mohamed
Rushdy talking about
details of the time eye
Ain Shams University Information Network
the first time
on the roof 
first impressions 
Cairo Tower,
187 meters high
(613 ft), 
opened in 1961
Hofstetter Kurt
looking for the
perfect position for
the time eye of
with the compass
looking for the
exact direction
to the east 
symbols of the sun everywhere
the position
has been found 

directed to the east
towards the sky 
the position of the
time eye on the roof
according to the
Golden Mean 
Aten, depicted as a disk with rays reaching to the earth, a being who represented the god or spirit of the sun and the actual solar disk
Eye of Horus, also a symbol of the sungod Re
mounting the bracket of the camera on top of the front
the Citadel
(1171 - 1193), the most prominent landmark on Cairo´s eastern skyline
running the video- and power cables
from the camera to the time eye's computer-system
the Mosque of An-Nasir Muhamed, one of the finest arcade style mosques in Cairo
begun in 1318, finally finished
in 1335
soldering the cables
the Mosque of Muhamed Ali. He is responsible that one of the obelisks of Luxor could be set up in the Place de la Concorde in Paris in 1833. 
the fine and final adjustment
one of the thausends of taxis
in the enourmous traffic of Cairo
most of them are very individually equipped
adjusting the inclination of the time eye
finally fixing the cables
the taxi drivers
are artists
in a special way

the time eye of Cairo is installed, catching  the sky over the Ain Shams  (University), "The eye of the Sun"
one of the first
pictures coming
from the
time-eye of Cairo

the moving picture from the sky over Cairo is transmitted online via InterNet
Hofstetter Kurt is very happy to have the time eye of Cairo installed at the Ain Shams University, "The eye of the Sun"- University, 12 hours opposite to the time eye of Hawaii, catching the sky over the "House of the Sun"
an other eye
protecting people
a new mark in Cairo
an older mark
the sunpendulum pressconference in the Ain Shams University organized by the University and the Austrian Embassy in Cairo
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, head of ASUNET and coordinator of the time eye installation, opening the pressconference
the Pyramids of Gizah near Cairo, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still intact and a landmark hard to miss
Prof. Dr. Hassan Ahmed Ghalab, President of the Ain Shams University
Cheops Pyramide, the largest in Egypt, originally 146 meters (480 ft) high
Dr. Ferdinand Trauttmansdorf, Austrian Ambassador
and contains an estimated 2.3 million stone blocks
the Austrian Ambassador receiving an emblem from President Ghalab, a mark of respect by the Ain Shams University
4500 years old
 Prof. Dr. Mohamed Tag-Eldin, Vice-president for graduate studies and research of the Ain Shams University
Hofstetter Kurt, media artist and director of the sunpendulum project, presenting his project
 a short scientific talk about the sunpendulum software by Dr.Christoph Traxler, representative of the Institute of Computergraphics / Vienna University of Technology
the Sphinx, a remarkable statue with the body of a lion and the face of King Khafra 
Dr. Karam Hassan translating during the pressconference
one of the camera teams of Sat TV stations

towards the sky - very impressive - 
the sculptures on the roofs of the buildings in Cairo
the time eye of cairo in the opposite light
light inside the Mosque of Muhamed Ali
the back of the
time eye of cairo 
relaxing with a waterpipe
some stormy days -

a hidden white sun  and a lot of sand in the air coming from the desert

the sunpendulum team of Cairo

Hofstetter Kurt Barbara Doser Christoph Traxler Karam Hassan
a mystic white sky, everything is enveloped in a special atmosphere
like a fog in Europe
many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the Ain Shams University the impressions will ever last