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T H E   I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   N E W  O R L E A N S    I N   P A R A L L E L S 
The University of New Orleans (UNO) - Computing and Communications Building located on the UNO - main campus
on the roof the Sunpendulum
Time-Eye of
New Orleans
Jeff Prentice (Ass. Prof., Department of Fine Arts),  UNO coordinator of the Time-Eye installation, talking with Hofstetter Kurt about the installation
coloring the city of New Orleans
up to the roof
called the
Crescent City,
because New Orleans is built on a crescent bend in the Mississippi
first impressions
the east
checking with the compas
wheel steamers are cruising up and down the Mississippi, on board tourists from all over the world
looking for the perfect position
the beautiful sound of their calliope, an instrument powered
by steam, can be heared from time to time, maybe like in former times
the position has been found
crossing the Mississippi
talking to M. Scott Koger, University Computing and Communications, about the installation
New Orleans is a city surrounded by swamp land
the position of the
Time-Eye on the roof
according to the
Golden Mean
it is not uncommon to see alligators
although considered mysterious by many, the swamps are appreciated for their natural beauty and their amazing plant and animal life
ready to start
mounting the bracket of the camera
mounting the camera
with John Lawrence, senior electrical engineer
running the video- and power cables
from the camera to the Time-Eye's computer system
Lake Pontchartrain
on the southern shore the UNO main campus is located
the Time-Eye's computer system
the fine and final adjustment of the Time-Eye
seen on the
UNO campus
adjusting the
    inclination of the

seen on the roof

the Time-Eye of New Orleans is installed, capturing the sunlight from the sky over the UNO campus
sculptures in the neighbourhood

the moving picture from the sky over New Orleans is transmitted online via InterNet

Hofstetter Kurt is very happy to have the fifth Time-Eye installed in
New Orleans
recording the moments in parallels
Jazz was born
in New Orleans, 
a new mark in
New Orleans
Louis Amstrong too
... New Orleans Jazz,
a style of music, a swinging, stomping, syncopated beat that makes people want to dance
the Sunpendulum press conference at the UNO,
Ass. Prof. Jeff Prentice, UNO coordinator of the Time-Eye installation, during the opening of the press conference
riding on the
St. Charles
(since 1924)
Dr. Louis V. Paradise, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of the UNO
swaying beneath the massive arms of
oak trees
Bobby L. Eason, Ed.D., Professor,
Assistant to the Chancellor (left), Carl Wagner, metropolitan college  education director
French Quarter, historical center of New Orleans,
after a great fire rebuilt by the Spanish in a way of Andalusien style
the UNO
Vice Chancellor,
Dr. Louis V. Paradise,  receiving an art work by Hofstetter Kurt showing the "vision of the Sunpendulum"
 a short scientific talk about the Sunpendulum software by Dr.Christoph Traxler, representative of the Institute of Computergraphics / Vienna University of Technology
busy in the
Bourbon Street
present media

3 TV-stations:
Fox (8) News,
ABC 26 News,
Channel 4 News,

organized by Gabi Wolf (Austrian National Tourist Office / New York) and Kitt Lipps (UNO public relation department)
Ass. Prof.
Jeff Prentice and Frahn Körner, painter, reflecting the press event
the Time-Eye
of New Orleans
one more wonder of nature - the jellies ... watched in the Aquarium of the Americas
... very relaxing ...
the Sunpendulum team of
New Orleans:
Hofstetter Kurt Christoph Traxler Barbara Doser
fascinating blue too
many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the University of New Orleans the impressions will ever last