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time no time _ 02  --- experiments at the event horizon
e c h o r a u m event / 20.05.2006, 08:00 pm

time no time _ 01  --- experiments at the event horizon

medien.KUNSTLABOR / Kunsthaus Graz in the frame of DIAGONALE 2006

time no time_01 polarizes moving picture in terms of speed, time and experience through parallelism and circulation. The enstatics versus the exstatics of movement and their experience of time becomes the theme. Experiments resulting in the installation TIME DE LUX by Hofstetter Kurt and the screening XXLux by Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt. The event horizon is defined by the use of the respective technology “X tense imaging” and “Video Feedback”. The time of the experience stares the experience of time in the eye.

TIME DE LUX - permanent media installation by Hofstetter Kurt
>>> opening: March 21st, 5:00 PM, Foyer Kunsthaus Graz

XXLux - screening by Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt
>>> event: March 23rd, 9:00 PM, media.artlab Kunsthaus Graz

Kunsthaus Graz