a media art installation (online light installation) resulting from an experiment with the event horizon between day and night

time de lux

A serial installation of monitors – a frieze of slowly evolving „enstatic“ moving pictures as a horizontal timeline on the wall, whose images are constantly regenerated online by images of the moment of dusk and dawn on earth. Their movement is initiated, evolved, and controlled by the rotation of earth: thus the light fluctuates over time between day and night.

A given static greyscale image becomes an “enstatic” moving picture in colour using the X tense imaging - regeneration technique of the Sunpendulum project (www.sunpendulum.at/x).
In the Sunpendulum realisation process, 12 video cameras in 12 time zones around the earth are constantly transmitting moving pictures from the sky to the Internet (www.sunpendulum.at), thus making time available online. By overlapping the two image streams of wherever dusk and dawn are occurring on the earth, a moving picture is generated in a mode defined by the greyscale pixel parameters of the static base image: each of its pixels is replaced by the pixels of the online images, dusk and dawn overlapping according to the base image greyscale value where 100% black = 100% dusk and 100% white = 100% dawn.

From its nature, the experience of an „X tense image“ will be affected by the rotation of the earth, as well as by the “enstatic” movement of the events taking place in the sky. As opposed to video, time can pass parallel to the picture, similar to the experience of the ambient present in a painting.

The time of the experience becomes the experience of time. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the next moment.

software development by Herbert Schwabl - realized in cooperation with the Sunpendulum team and the 12 Sunpendulum collaboration partners around the earth.

presented by TELEKOM AUSTRIA

Sunpendulum cooperation
Kunsthaus Graz