by Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt, 2006
medien.KUNSTLABOR, Kunsthaus Graz


A screening of ecstatic moments created with the Video Feedback technique at the event horizon of perceptible worlds of image and sound while generating a moving picture. Moments distilled from experimental videos and compiled into a new unit.

Video Feedback is mapping (imaging) any visual event (image) to itself through parallelism and circulation. A minimum change of its instrument positions (video camera | screen) generate a maximum of stimuli at the time-based event horizon of perception. A flood of rapidly changing abstract images on the move will be experienced as a world of spatial complexity and of dynamic states.

The time of experience concentrates on the point of time – the screening event. The ecstatic movement  / stimulus satiation overextends the human ability of perception. Their contents remain nonconcrete. The image experience is drawn into the content vacuum of perception at the event horizon and catapults the viewer into the free spaces of his/her imagination. The experience of the compressed time will luminesce.

Kunsthaus Graz