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1 2   t i m e - e y e s   a r o u n d   t h e   e a r t h   w a t c h   t h e   s k y
In 12 time zones – 1 in Hawaii / Maui (USA), 2 Ensenada (MX), 3 New Orleans (USA), 4 Bermuda (GB), 5 on the Azores (P), 6 in Granada (E), 7 Cairo (ET), 8 Dubai (UAE), 9 Kolkata (IND) , 10 Hongkong (PRC), 11 Tokyo (JP) and 12 on the Marshall Islands (RMI) – videocameras are directed to towards the sky and connected online to the InterNet. 12 videocameras – Time-Eyes – around the earth watch the sky –  INPLUSION. At a certain place on earth 12 screens are setup in a circle within a pavilion. Those screens are online connected with the 12 Time-Eyes and transmit the sunlight from the 12 time zones – EXPLOSION. A sunclock is being created. With the rotation of earth, that means over time, the sunlight is moving within the inner circle of the screens. In the inner circle day and night can be experienced in parallels at the same time.

In 1999 the first Sunpendulum Time-Eye was installed on Maui/Hawaii in the frame of a research collaboration. With this collaboration it has come about that the main realisation item of INPLUSION is to install the Time-Eyes for permanent use in close collaboration with Universities or Research Centers in the respective time zones, which can easily provide all the necessary facilities in a very solid way. In 1999 also the Time-Eyes of Bermuda and Granada, in 2000 the Time-Eyes of Cairo, New Orleans and Ensenada, in 2001 the Time-Eye of the Azores, in 2002 the Time-Eye of Dubai, in 2003 the Time-Eye of Hong Kong, in 2004 the Time-Eye of Kolkata, in 2005 the Time-Eye of Tokyo and finally in 2006 the Time-Eye of the Marshall Islands were installed. With support of the Austrian Mission in the respective time zones and on the occasion of a Time-Eye‘s installation, the collaboration partner has organized a big press event to communicate the participation and cooperation in the international Sunpendulum project. It has been a strong public relation communicating the Sunpendulum idea and concept around the earth.